Where I Excel
iOS 8 / Swift & Apple Watch
Web Development & WordPress


iOS Swift & Apple WatchKit

2014 - present

Love working with the Xcode IDE for iPhones, iPads, and now WatchKit. Swift is a great language I picked up and enjoy the programming between code and User Interface.

Web Developer

2014 - present

WebPress Website Designer freelancer... Looking for entry level in any programming language for a company to work with or contract through.

Windows 10


I cannot wait for Windows 10 to become available for their integrated mobile and desktop Apps in the SDK

Android's IDE/SDK


I just started to tinker with Android's new IDE/SDK API 22.

UI/UX Researcher

2015 - Present

Attention to detail, work with team and independently while making judgments to a situation needing attention


2014 - Present

Udemy on Relevant Learning Up-to-date

always continuing my education on www.Udemy.com (Java, Swift, xCode, WebPress, HTML)

2015 - Present


Jus starting the next adventure for my education...


University of Phoenix BSIT/SE

Went the whole four years and did it! My passion for gadgets, programs, and Apps helped drive me towards the Bachelor's of Science of Information Technology / Software Engineer. I just like to tinker, debug, help users have a better experience, and see what can be done, even if not sought of yet.

What People Have Said

James was a vital part of setting up and trouble shooting our internal software system. We worked together on projects, including shipping and receiving processes, and business integration in operations. I enjoyed the time working with James immensely and I know he would be great addition to any organization

Ric Stewart / Warehouse Operations

"I've worked with James on several projects including strategic planning and the tactical execution of them. James has played a key role in many operational improvements including, the purchasing, implementation, and training of new IT equipment, programming and software. He consistently exhibited professionalism that paralleled being customer centric, team oriented, and objective driven. His actions reflect honesty, integrity, and excellence. Aside from James'​ technical ability to execute, team engagement and communication are what make him stand out.”

Chris Chandler / Regional Distribution Manager / Equipment & Facilities

" James built my awesome new website that I am just thrilled with. He made the process so easy. He is a great communicator, he listened to my needs and is very creative with an artful eye for detail. James created and built the exact website that I envisioned! I would highly recommend James to help you create the website of your dreams. Thank you James!!!!" June 25, 2015, Kelli is James's client

Kelli Patch / Artistic Interior Designer/ Color Specialist/ Kelli with an EYE Design

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